• Library

    Lots of Love for Less

    3L was made for you to help you create awesome websites and fill the Internet with excessive amount of Love! Get this set of mixinsfor LESS CSS compiler with a twist.

  • Application

    Mail Generator

    Generate and keep track of email addresses you're using to test your app with different users accounts. Add notes and easily manage the generated emails to make your QA job easy. Works with Gmail, custom domains and anything that can handle a + suffix.

  • Library

    Color Utilities

    Collection of useful methods for colors parsing, validation, transformations and calculations. Exposed as a class, so can be used as a stand-alone, or inside Angular apps.

  • Library

    Angular Coordinates

    Angular library to parse and display geographical coordinates.

  • Library

    Angular Match Style to Background

    The directive makes sure the color of texts and other elements inside the parent with dynamically changed background color will stay readable and visible. The new style is chosen from optionally provided styles declarations by calculating it's contrast ratio with the current value of the background color.