New Mixins Matching Behaviour in LESS 1.3.0

About a month ago LESS was updated to version 1.3.0. This update brought an important change to the mixins matching system depending on the quantity of arguments. Now some of the mixins you wrote before using previous versions on LESS … Continue reading

CSS @keyframes Animations With LESS

Defining CSS animations is a pain due to the vendor prefixes. We have to not only define animation property five times with four prefixes and one without prefix, but also we have to create five keyframes in the same way. … Continue reading

Transition With Transform Can’t Be Future Proof

Update: since July the browsers are dropping support for both prefixed transitions and transformations so this blog post is now obsolete. We know the answer for the discussed question of how to make sure that combining transitions and transformations will … Continue reading

How to Improve SEO With CSS

Before you start reading. This post is not about putting your styles in CSS style sheet to make your website more crawlable, using semantic tags or making your website lighter. It’s about how to make CSS inform you about some … Continue reading