Distribute Divs or Images Equaly in Line

While working on a layout with grids, a certain problem may arise. Let’s say we want to put some block elements equally in a line, with margins between them but without left margin of the first and right margin of … Continue reading

Unorthodox Ideas For a:hover Effects

The hover effect gives user a feedback when he or she moves a mouse cursor over a link. It’s one of the most important effect on websites and greatly increase a user experience. Usually it’s done by changing basic properties … Continue reading

The Curtain Effect With CSS

Recently I’ve discovered how cool the curtain effect is. I wanted to try making it myself thinking it might be quite challenging, but no such luck. Coding this great feature is so easy it hurts. You only need some simple … Continue reading

Remember About Vertical Media Queries

Usually when you read about media queries or write your own CSS you can see or you use the media rules that deal with a device’s width: min-width, max-width, min-device-width and max-device-width.Their purpose is to make sure a website will … Continue reading